More than just a buzz word @ AAA!

AAA recycles and has been green since 1927. After all, nothing is “greener” than using existing materials for events! AAA takes a strong stance on doing everything possible to care for the environment. Whether recycling steel or renting reusable equipment, AAA is there.

  • Rental companies are by nature “green,” eco-friendly companies, because they reuse the same equipment.
  • In addition to being “the right thing to do,” sustainability efforts also save rental companies money, which in turn saves customers money.
  • Going “green” is not an opportunity for AAA to jump on the “green bandwagon,” but a chance to give environmentally-conscious customers a “green” choice for equipment rental.
  • AAA plans to audit the amount of waste created, examine what the large contributors are and then address them to further environmentally-friendly operations.


  • Energy saving/high-efficiency lighting
  • Motion sensors to save light energy
  • Energy-conserving vending machines that only turn on when someone is around
  • Company culture of turning off lights in unused rooms
  • Energy star appliances to reduce energy consumption


  • Efficient cleaning process to prevent water waste and redundant cleanings
  • Proper use of water-efficient chair and tent washing equipment
  • Multiple basin sewage treatment to protect our local waterways


  • Significant recycling efforts such as creating notepads out of old contracts
  • Proper recycling of paper materials, ink cartridges and toner
  • Encourage e-mail exchange of contracts to prevent paper waste
  • Accounts often settled over the phone, saving paper previously used for bills and reducing postal vehicle emissions
  • Encourage use of the Web site over printed signage and information
  • Encourage linen rental over purchasing disposables
  • Bi-annual warehouse sales of old equipment, rather than throwing items away
  • Use of paper and supplies made from recycled material
  • Recycling steel
  • Provide recycling stations at work and events


  • Keeping equipment in great condition through maintenance, no need to sell or replace


  • Planned routes and a “No Idling” policy prevent unnecessary emissions
  • Using local vendors to cut down on transportation pollution
  • Keeping trucks well maintained and environmentally sound