Michelle has been at AAA since 1999 where she started as a processor. Since then she’s worked her way into the office and the prized AAA employee parking spot. If you don’t catch her at her phone, she’s probably enjoying a walk with her two Yorkies. Her favorite activity is embarrassing her son, whom she’s incredibly proud of.


Jaime has been with AAA since 2006 when she started as our resident artist/visual wizard. Since then she’s also thrown her hat in the ring working in customer service. Jamie also likes to put that sure hand to use on the softball field in the fine art of snagging fly balls.


Maria helps keep AAA in order as head of Accounts Receivables. She is also the proud parent of a pair of pugnacious pugilists whom she helps train. Though she loves her children, Maria fears that if she ever has to make another tamale for their boxing trips, her hands may fall off.


Justin does double duty working in both sales and AAA sister company Chicago Ramp. He spends his days helping Chicagoan achieve access but he also has a soft spot golfing, poker and, of course, his three kids. Justin is also a big advocate for bicycle helmets… ask him why.

John T.

John T. started at AAA loading trucks in the warehouse and is now happy to be able to assist you from the air-conditioned office. He is a big fan of indie rock, home brewing but his true calling is being the White Sox general manager, if only they’d answer his calls.


Luis put his years of experience relating to humans to work by signing on as AAA HR director in 2008. He’s a big Chicago sports fan but also like’s to travel and loves comedy. Don’t think he’s funny? Ask him why his favorite vegetable is the pumpkin.

John V.

John V. is the funkiest Information Architect this side of George Clinton. Besides creating and running the website, keeping AAA’s computers running and managing all our zeroes and ones, John is famous as bassist for several local bands. He’d also like to remind you that William Shatner is the greatest singer of all time.


Jay is in year 30 of co-managing the family business. As a trustee for the Village of Homewood, he is seen proudly parading his pair of pooches around town daily.




Janet is new to AAA but she’s been using her eye for detail to help plan events around Chicagoland for several years. She’s also become an expert on high school pools as she follows her son’s competitive swimming career. When not planning events you might catch Janet snapping pictures or enjoying live music and local festivals.

Jon C.

Jon C. is the newest of the three Johns at AAA Rental, and the only one without an “h”. Some of his passions include moonlight walks on the beach, reading books by the fireplace, and cliches. When he isn’t at AAA Jon likes to play guitar, read comics and don a mask and cape and rid the streets of crime.


Kristin is a AAA lifer, coming to work for the company as her first real job in high school. After pursing other career options and raising four daughters (including twins) she decided to get some rest and returned to AAA in 2008.


Lloan has been at AAA since 2005 where she’s become an adept at manning the phones and providing expert rental advice. When not assisting customers, Lloan enjoys spending time with family, especially her beloved shih tzu. She is also an expert in saran-wrapping automobiles.


Nathan has been apart of the team since 2004. Now, he’s a happy member of the Customer Service team. Nathan is known around town for representing AAA as Secretary of Markham’s Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Association. He’s known around the office for his unscheduled singalongs with the radio.


Glen is one of our most experienced employees with over 20 years at AAA as one of our Warehouse Managers. Since he doesn’t spend enough time with vehicles at work, you can often find him working on classic cars in his down time. He’s a proud father who also coaches his daughters’ basketball team.


Jim is an Event Manager and has been in the rental business for over 10 years. He manages crews during set ups, files permits, layouts and blueprints and any number of other odd jobs around AAA. When he’s not bossing the crews around, he is hustling money shooting pool, or bowling.


Rashad started this year at AAA as Administration Dispatch where he works hard to route, track and otherwise wrangle trucks and drivers across the city. His coworkers will tell you that he’s a quiet guy unless you get him talking about sports.


Yvonne likes balancing the check book and paying bills, as long as they aren’t her own. Any questions regarding payments, see Yvonne.


Rodney joined AAA as a Production Manager in 2011. He makes sure all your equipment is processed, working and ready to rent. He also enjoys outdoor grilling, and spending time with family, but don’t worry, you’ll catch him in church every Sunday.

Luis G.