Looking for dance floor rental in Chicago or the suburbs? It hurt that time that you tripped in the grass and bonked your head on the birdbath while trying to do the ChaCha Slide. Let’s try not to do that again. We have the right flooring to make your event a success. Want to recreate the Masters Amen Corner in your basement? Know your wife/mom/roommate will make you take it down? Then just rent the astroturf you need. Have a bunch of people looking to practice their tap steps but no solid surface on which to tap? Did Uncle Sol trip cousin Shirley dancing the Hava Nagila in the grass? Rent a dance floor or a subfloor, carpet, astroturf, almost any floor, and have a surefooted good time.

Sherlock Sur-Loc Event Decks

Raised portable flooring systems perfect for large events. Can be driven on by fork lifts and trucks while setting up a tent or structure.

Sherlock Sur-Loc Event Decks

Red Carpet Rental

Make your event stand out with red carpeting.

Dance Floor Size Chart

8′ X 8′ 10
8′ X 12′ 15
12′ X 12′ 30
12′ X 16′ 40
16′ X 16′ 50
20′ X 16′ 60
20′ X 20′ 70
20′ X 24′ 80
24′ X 24′ 90