Disco. (1968-1979) Disco lights? (timeless…) The DJ is bustin’ out the jams, and people are having a few drinks, but why is the dance floor as vacant as a Studio 54 in 1980? ! You forgot to turn on the disco lights! Hit that switch and at the speed of light, you got a party people will remember. “Remember that one party? The one with the awesome lightshow?” “Yeah I remember it like it was yesterday.” “Dude that was yesterday?” Call AAA and we will make sure to light up your party with our party lights: the Spherion, Dual Flower LED, Star Ball, Mirror Ball, and many more!

We also have uplights, stage lights, spotlights, accent lights, wall washes, par38s and 54s, if you ask really nicely, a light saber.*

Trip the light fantastic with AAA Rental.

*Not really. May the force be with you.

LED Messenger
Mega Bars
X Color LED
46HP LED Lights