Oh no! You are rocking out hardcore with your closed fist pumping in the air at an outdoor music festival to bands that only you’ve heard of, and suddenly, downpour. No it’s not a band, it’s starting to drizzle, no, that’s not a band either. Your favorite band on stage is starting to getting wet, along with you. The show must go on right? Wrong, the event organizers didn’t rent a stage and roof package from AAA. The band is soaked and is leaving the stage. The shows over, everyone is bummed. If only they rented from AAA, wait! They (you) can! Rain or shine, a Stage and Roof package will keep rock stars and indie gods out of the elements and slaying the audience with their wicked chops and skinny jeans. The mimes will be speechless.

Stage Size Canopy Size Stage Height
20′ x 32′ 15′ x 30′ 16”, 24” Or 32”
20′ x 24′ 15′ x 20′ 16”, 24” Or 32”
16′ x 16′ 15′ x 15′ 16”, 24” Or 32”

Our Stage Packages Include:
* Your Choice Of Stage Heights: 16”, 24” Or 32” Inches High.
* All Accessories As Shown: (Steps, Skirting, Rails & Roof System)
* Professional Installation On Level Ground

Check out more stage information here! pdf