So you’re renting a tent, and it dawns on you, people are going to be in the tent at night, and how are they going to see each other, and how will anyone be able to see the dunk tank target, or how will you keep invading Huns from ransacking your well stocked cooler and stealing the keg? One simple answer, TENT ACCESSORIES. The picket fences repel professional party crashers, the lighting lets you signal last call like the pros, and the banner holders clearly let the Huns know that this is a private event, (no looting allowed). Is an open tent not private enough? Need to keep a chill away? Side walls. Transacting business from your tent? Countertops. Feel the need to groove? Dance floors. AAA Rental has everything you need when it comes to accessorizing your tent, tents included!

Tent Side Walls and Doors
Solid Walls $1.75 to $3.00 Per Ft.
Mesh Screen Walls $2.25 to $2.50 Per Ft.
Cafe Clear Walls $2.50 to $3.75 Per Ft.
Tent Doors $Call
Tent Double Doors $Call

Tent Dance Floors
4′ x 4′ Dance Floor Decks $19.00
4′ x 4′ Dance Floor Deluxe Decks $28.00

Tent Lighting
We offer several lighting options for tents including LED and Lantern options. This can help set the perfect mood for the event and help with keeping the lights on at night.

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